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Impact and Results Coaching

Become a more impactful leader by working with Rob Levy through his “un-coaching” approach to coaching.

Rob guides influential leaders, high-performing professionals, entrepreneurs, executives and creatives who are charged to continually learn and driven to attain success in more areas of his or her life. With 20 years of coaching and development experience as a foundation, Rob works with clients who are already effective in many areas of their lives yet want to explore how to additionally reach some or all of the following outcomes:

  • Achieve optimal performance by reducing fatigue and stress
  • Obtain a completely fulfilled life through a self-examining lens
  • Mitigate risk of exposure to perceived weaknesses
  • Continue to make a positive impact on those around them
  • Become better understood by those who are emotionally close
  • Develop skills to drive behavior in others and increase their level of influence
  • Attain life balance from a place of synthesis, joy and wisdom

Through his holistic, un-coaching style focused on introspection, values, decision making and managing reactions, Rob will unravel and recreate the beliefs and limitations holding you back in the areas of your life not yet fulfilled. Depending on the area you would like to target, he uses proven methods to focus on mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical human aspects to co-create the results you desire and believe you can achieve.

Discover and conquer your blind spots, and operate from a new and increased level of energy by deciding to embark on a personal growth journey with Rob. Working over the phone and in person, he can help you unleash the power inside you through the identification of the core values that drive your decision-making approach. It’s through this process, at your own pace, you will uncover how to achieve your highest human potential.

A diverse set of programs is available depending on your personal needs. Contact Rob to learn more about the right coaching program tailored to help you achieve optimal performance through his un-coaching approach.

Programs and Contact

I offer stand-alone coaching and/or individualized programs customized to your needs. Call Rob’s cell at 914/473-9191 or office 720/328-4220 for a discovery session to learn what coaching package is right for you. Or, send me an email.

I incorporate several powerful modalities into my programs for a fully integrated approach. By combining my business experience, coaching expertise, energy/healing, and Perception Awareness Technique, I will produce results that will have a lasting effect. In a short amount of time, my clients discover new aspects about themselves at an extraordinarily deep core level. My unique talent and skilled intuition will help you identify your own drivers to create optimal success in the most challenging areas of your life.

“Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about unbecoming everything that isn’t really you so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.”



Mark Daly“I experienced a big breakthrough with Rob Levy that really grew over the next few days and is with me still weeks later. I believe the reason for this is because Rob worked to integrate the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of my difficult life situation. I am not sure how he did it, but he has a great deal of skill in this work. I also appreciate that he followed up with me the next day. I am a results oriented person and can truly state that Rob has helped me create a lasting and welcomed change in my life.”

Mark Daly, Attorney and Trainer at CINA, P.C.

Kendra Howard“Rob’s skill at getting to the heart of matters is truly superlative. I also had what can only be described as a mystical experience in my second session that defies explanation but that resonates deeply in my being every day. I feel that what Rob does is quantum and immediate in nature. In my experience, Rob’s work is powerful, compassionate, and results in lasting personal shift.”

Kendra Howard, Business Owner and Trainer

Luis Hernandez“Thank you once again for the coaching call a few weeks back. I have to tell you that it really had a significant impact on me. In particular, it has had me thinking a lot about how to recognize my limiting beliefs and stop them from limiting me. You truly have a gift and I am grateful to you.”

 Luis Hernandez, MBA, Managing Broker – Right Hand Realty LLC

Nicole Linton“His work is one of a master; Rob has the ability to work with exactly what you need even if you are unclear what that is at the time. He goes beyond linear time and he works with such integrity and love. I would send all my family and friends to Rob just to experience what it is like to have such an incredible life changing experience.”

Nicole Linton, Designer/Founder, è bella

Nathan Weigelt“Rob Levy helps his clients get UNstuck! He has a wealth of experience leveraging his intuition to reveal the underlying issues and help his clients regroup, reframe and get energized towards positive results. I love brainstorming with this man! His blend of focus, insight and creativity is refreshing. After our sessions I always felt confident and excited to take the next steps. He has remarkable coaching skills and has a comfortable ease with his clients to help them get the results that they want. If you are looking for some real change in your life, give Rob a call and start making them.”

Nathan Weigelt, Organizational/Leadership Development Consultant, Scitor (an SAIC company)

CJ Lawrence“Rob Levy was the key to my access to myself! He creates a safe stage on which to stand for the deepest level of my most personal and life-long struggles to finally have the Light of Love flow from within myself. Each session has facilitated a great outcome of my significant choices and challenges through redirecting my life.”

C.J. Lawrence, P.A., Boulder Community Hospital, Dakota Ridge Family Medicine

Marlowe Fawcett“I can’t recommend Rob enough for his executive and relationship coaching. His full integration approach works not through heady discussion of the problem but with an intuitive ability to get quickly past the mental/emotional blocks at the core of the problem.

I first started working with him for professional coaching at a time when I was looking to make important career changes. I needed help with my self-confidence and my self-belief, but also getting clear on immediate steps to take.

I immediately saw results in how I engaged with the world on a variety of levels, both personal and professional. So much so that I decided to expand the work beyond the initial business coaching to relationship work with my wife.

In the past few months I have taken huge strides towards my career goals, and my wife and I now have a well of trust between us that supports our mutual goals as parents and life partners. Thank you, Rob, for your professionalism, compassion and skill!“

Marlowe Fawcett, Executive Producer at LFP Broadcasting

Christina Schuler“I was blown away that within five minutes of meeting Rob for the very first time he identified and named the core issue that I was struggling with and knew exactly where to go from there … the real magic came from what evolved in my life AFTER the session. Whatever he did seemed to manifest effortlessly in my life afterwards which is why I believe his work is simply amazing and I highly recommend him to anyone!”

Christina Schuler, Former Architect and Business Owner

“When we are no longer able to change a situation – we are challenged to change ourselves.”

Viktor E. Frankl

Rob’s Coaching Style

Rob Levy guides his clients behind the scenes and at their pace to achieve their personal best. As a human development professional, he partners with influential leaders, high-performing professionals, entrepreneurs, executives and creatives on a path to achieve exceptional performance. His own journey training as a martial artist with a private Sensei for 10 years and studying through experiential workshops and courses on expanding human potential has inspired his holistic approach to developing others. He will push the limits with permission. His experience in mental, emotional, spiritual and physical human aspects, in tandem with his mindfulness training, produces sustainable outcomes. After working with Rob, clients achieve extraordinary results at work, boundless joy in their personal relationships and have full self-expression in every aspect of their lives.

Through a safe, confidential partnership with his clients, Rob’s process is an unraveling of all the “self-coaching” he or she has given themselves over the years that may not be productive. Through the “un-coaching” process, clients generate unprecedented results fully aligned with their core values by identifying and replacing internal drivers. The outcome creates personal connection to others, a renewed sense of freedom and full self-expression to uncover one’s greatest human potential.

About Rob Levy, CPC, ELI-MP

Rob Levy headshotIn concert with his coaching practice, Rob owned a sophisticated, custom woodworking business in New York affording him 20 years of sales and client relationship experience. Prior to owning a business, he worked as a selling professional in high-end galleries and show rooms in NYC, as well as for several furniture manufacturers serving the corporate market. His experience as a business owner, managing his own team and working with a corporate audience lends itself to his ability to work with all types of clients.

Rob’s training includes extensive leadership and team management training programs throughout the country. A continual student of human potential, he earned his coaching certification from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), studied martial arts for 10 years, is certified in Soma Pi energy healing, sound and vibration healing, is certified in Perception Awareness Technique, and is also a Reiki Master. He has co-led groups, facilitated adult and teen empowerment workshops through woodworking and has been a teacher for middle and high school students incorporating life skills through woodworking. Rob holds a BFA from UMass and lives with his family in Boulder, Colorado.