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Passionate about you living your best life.

Rob Levy has been coaching for over 25 years.  His clients are successful individuals who are looking to live more holistically and optimally in all aspects of their lives.  Having owned a successful small business of his own,  Rob offers premier personal and professional coaching nationally.

In concert with coaching, Rob owned a sophisticated woodworking business in New York affording him decades of sales and client relationship experience. Prior to owning a business, he worked as a selling professional in high-end galleries and show rooms in NYC, as well as for several manufacturers serving the corporate market. His experience as a business owner and corporate leader lends itself to his ability to work with all types of clients.

Rob’s three (3) decades of training and certifications include extensive leadership and team management training programs throughout the country. A continual student of human potential, he earned his coaching certification from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), studied martial arts for 10 years, is certified in Soma Pi energy healing, sound and vibration healing, is certified in Perception Awareness Technique, and is also a Reiki Master.

He has co-led business groups, facilitated adult and teen empowerment workshops and has been a teacher for middle and high school students for over 10 years incorporating life skills through woodworking. Rob holds a BFA from UMass and lives with his family in Boulder, Colorado.

Rob Levy Coach

Rob is intuitive and quickly understands how you propel yourself and how you hold yourself back. With this knowledge, he helps you define and achieve your best life, building sustainable habits.

- Erin
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