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“Working with Rob is transformational. That is a strong word and I don’t use it lightly.

I originally came to Rob for personal reasons – to stop a bad habit I have been practicing for a lifetime. After one session, I was able to drop that habit, shockingly, and without much effort. Our focus quickly changed to my business and how I think about and value my services. I had so many beliefs affecting the way I saw my business and Rob was able to see them and reflect them back to me in a powerful way. I was able to take in what he said and within a week increase my fees for new clients based on the value I am delivering, and my new client did not even blink. From his coaching I have designed the offering of my dreams giving my clients the personalized care and support they deserve and which I can feel 100% confident in delivering. Rob has the ability to see the unconscious limitations I impose on myself, and together we work on creating new possibilities (and increased revenue.) I highly recommend Rob to anyone wanting to blow the roof off their business goals and what they envision for themselves.”

– Suzanne S., Business Owner + Entrepreneur

Suzanne Smith Rob Levy Testimonial

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